Milking Snakes

Cosmic Eggs

Some weird eggs – most from the amazing  50 Watts. Some from DISimages (again)…a few from vvork (RIP).ada_bayer_my_friend_from_mars_50watts

2012-09-01 14.30.35 240 09-Viktor-Pivovarov--illustration-for--Elfin-Annie-and-Straw-Hubert--by-Nezval--1980_900 2012-09-20 15.35.16 21_space_teriyaki_nagaoka008 01a-Indian-book-cover-design-(front) 08_space_teriyaki pic_huehnereipol_01 original_d2665fea4419c4a806294bb92f04fb1e 02-hisashi-saito--1980_900 01-Robert-Beatty--artwork-for-Burning-Star-Core--Challenger--front_900 06_space_teriyaki buoy1_eggheadandthesecretc 07-carlos-merida-hungry-moon-1946 46_72-dpi-egg 247

It’s Tim and Eric’s World and We’re Just Living in it

The word’s of Gary Butterfield. Where else would I have found this shit.

DIS Images

New from DIS Magazine: DIS Images, stock photography.

Read this excellent article by stock photo veteran Rolf Sjogren on the history of stock photography.

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