La Martona’s Yogurt

As some of you know (or if you don’t read this through RSS and “enjoy” my little banner add down there in the sidebar), I run a project called Working-Knowledge. It’s a small print operation that uses a Risograph press. One of my favorite and most frequent collaborators is Bryce Wilner. He’s an amazing illustrator and designer that puts out more self published books than I thought was possible.

This one is written/trasnlated by his twin brother, Brandon. It’s about yogurt, and I think you should probably buy it. Here’s the description from his site:

“La Martona’s Yogurt is a “semi-scientific, semi-commercial pamphlet about yogurt.” The work marks the first collaboration between the legendary Argentine authors Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo Bioy Casares. Brandon Wilner translated the 1935 text into English, and we worked together to publish a pamphlet containing the English version alongside its original Spanish.”